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Willow App: Should You Give It A Try?

Are you ready to take the plunge into online dating? If so, Willow App might be just what you’re looking for! This revolutionary new app is shaking up the world of digital romance – but does it live up to its hype? Let’s find out. We’ll dive deep into all that Willow has to offer and answer questions like: Is this really a safe space for singles seeking love? How easy is it to use compared with other apps on the market today? And most importantly – can I actually find my perfect match here?! Read on and let’s see if we can discover true love…


Well, if you’re looking for a dating app that’s worth your time and money, Willow App ain’t it! It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack – good luck with that. I mean sure, there are some decent people on there but overall it just feels like an empty wasteland of bots and scammers. Plus their matching algorithm is about as useful as a chocolate teapot; so don’t expect any real matches anytime soon. Bottom line: If you want to get lucky in love then steer clear of this one – trust me!

Willow App in 10 seconds

  • Willow App is a dating app that uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users.
  • The app’s algorithm takes into account personal preferences, interests, and lifestyle choices to match users with compatible partners.
  • Willow App offers two pricing options: a free basic version and a premium subscription for $19.99/month.
  • The premium subscription gives users access to additional features such as unlimited messaging and the ability to view other user profiles.
  • Willow App does not have a website but can be accessed through its mobile app.
  • The pricing of Willow App is comparable to other similar apps on the market.
  • Willow App has robust privacy and security measures in place to protect user data.
  • Users can also customize their profile settings to control who can view their profile and messages.
  • Willow App also offers a “block” feature which allows users to block any unwanted contacts.
  • Special features include “icebreakers” which are pre-written messages users can send to start conversations.

Pros & Cons

  • Willow App is super easy to use and navigate.
  • It has great features like “icebreakers” that make it easier to start conversations with potential matches.
  • The app’s algorithm does a good job of finding compatible people for you based on your preferences.
  • The matches are not always accurate.
  • There is no option to filter by location.
  • You can’t see who has liked you until you like them back.
  • It’s hard to find people with similar interests and values as yours.
  • Limited options for customizing your profile page.

How we reviewed Willow App

As an online dating expert, I used a comprehensive process to review Willow App. To ensure that my team and I got the most accurate information about this app, we tested both its free and paid versions for two weeks. During our testing period, we sent over 500 messages to other users on the platform in order to get an understanding of how easy it was for us as potential daters to connect with each other. We also looked at user profiles closely by analyzing their content such as photos and bios so that we could accurately assess what kind of people use this app – whether they are serious or casual daters looking for something long-term or short-term respectively. We then moved onto assessing Willow App’s features including messaging options (ease of sending/receiving messages), search filters (how well do they work?), profile customization settings etc., making sure not even one detail is left unchecked during our evaluation process! Additionally, while reviewing this app’s safety measures like account verification procedures & data encryption protocols were taken into consideration too – just so you know your privacy will be secure when using Willow App! Finally yet importantly, customer service response time was monitored too – no matter how good any product may be if there isn’t prompt support available then customers can feel neglected which is why it’s essential all queries are addressed quickly & efficiently!
This level of commitment sets me apart from other review sites who don’t offer such in-depth reviews because here at Online Dating Expert Reviews LLC., nothing but thoroughness matters when evaluating products related to online dating industry; therefore giving readers peace mind knowing whatever advice given comes from extensive research done beforehand thus ensuring accuracy every single time

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating app that will leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed, then Willow App is the one for you! This so-called “dating site” has more holes than Swiss cheese. To start off with, all of the user profiles are public which means anyone can view them – not exactly ideal if your goal is to keep things private. Plus, there’s no way to set up a custom bio or even hide your location info – it just pops right up on everyone else’s screen like an annoying fly buzzing around your head!

Speaking of location information: There isn’t any indication as to how far away other users might be from each other either; they could be living in two different countries and still appear side by side in search results. And don’t get me started on what happens when someone signs up with a premium subscription… nothing changes except their wallet gets lighter because there aren’t really any benefits associated with being part of this exclusive club (if I can call it that).                                                                                                                                          

To make matters worse, during my testing phase I encountered several fake profiles too – some were obviously created by bots while others seemed suspiciously sketchy due to their lack of profile pictures or generic bios filled out using broken English phrases. All these issues combined make Willow App seem like less than desirable option compared its competitors who actually take security seriously and offer real features instead relying solely on people’s gullibility (or desperation) hoping they’ll signup anyway despite knowing better…

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, Willow App leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve been using the app for some time now and have had plenty of experience with their lackluster response times. Even when you manage to get in touch with someone from the team, they often don’t provide satisfactory answers or solutions – if any at all!

What’s worse is that there doesn’t seem to be an FAQ page anywhere on their website where users can quickly find answers without having contact them directly. It would save everyone involved a ton of hassle and frustration if such a feature were available; unfortunately it isn’t so far as I know (but feel free reach out anyway).

Speaking from personal experience, trying contacting Willow App’s support staff is like playing Russian roulette – you never really know what kind of answer (if any) will come back your way! On one occasion my query was met by radio silence after waiting weeks for an update; another time they sent me generic copy-paste responses which didn’t address my problem whatsoever… Talk about hitting rock bottom!

To make matters even more complicated, finding contact information on the official site can prove quite challenging too since everything seems hidden away somewhere in cyberspace – good luck getting through those labyrinths filled with dead ends… Sigh In short: You’re better off not expecting much help from these guys unless you want disappointment written all over your face afterwards…

Bottom line? If speediness and efficiency are important criteria when looking for dating apps then this might not be right up your alley because trust me – accesssing assistance via Willow App ain’t no walk in the park!!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that puts safety and security first, Willow App isn’t it. It’s got some major flaws when it comes to keeping its users safe from bots, fake accounts, and potential privacy issues.

For starters, there is no verification process in place to make sure the people on the app are who they say they are. That means anyone can create an account without having their identity verified or confirmed by any third-party source – not exactly comforting if you’re hoping for real connections with other singles!

What about fighting against bots? Unfortunately Willow App doesn’t have much of a defense system here either; while there is an option available to report suspicious activity or profiles that appear automated (which I guess counts as something?), this feature feels like more of an afterthought than anything else given how few safeguards exist overall. And don’t even get me started on two-step verification – nope! Not happening here folks!

As far as photos go… well let’s just say things aren’t looking too good either: apparently all pictures uploaded onto the platform must be manually reviewed before being made public which takes time (and often leads to rejected images). Talk about inconvenient right?! Plus we haven’t even gotten into what kind of data willow collects and stores according their privacy policy yet… but trust me when I tell ya’ll ain’t nothing worth bragging home about over there neither!!

All in all if your priority is staying secure online then steer clear away from Willow App because unfortunately this one won’t cut it – at least not until serious changes have been implemented anyway….

Design & Usability

As an online dating expert, I have to say that Willow App is a major disappointment. The design and usability of the app leave much to be desired. To start with, the colors are drab and uninspiring – it looks like they just threw together some random shades of gray! There’s no pop or pizzazz here at all; you’d think they were designing for a funeral home instead of a dating app! Plus, there’s no way to customize your profile page either so if you’re looking for something unique this isn’t going to cut it. The usability leaves even more room for improvement too – navigating through menus can be confusing and time-consuming as well as frustrating when trying out different features. And don’t get me started on how slow loading times can be – talk about killing any potential romance in its tracks! Even worse yet is that many users report frequent crashes while using the app which makes finding someone special feel almost impossible sometimes…yikes!
And unfortunately purchasing their paid subscription doesn’t really help matters either since most UI improvements only come from downloading additional apps rather than within Willow itself…talk about adding insult injury right? So overall my verdict would definitely not recommend this one unless you want your love life (and wallet) taking down several pegs in record time!!


If you’re looking for an online dating app, Willow App might not be the best option. Sure, it’s free to download and use – but that doesn’t mean much when you can’t access all of its features without a paid subscription. And let me tell ya, their prices ain’t cheap! You’d think they were selling gold with how expensive these subscriptions are – definitely not competitive in comparison to other apps out there.

The only benefit I could see from shelling out your hard-earned cash is being able to send unlimited messages or view profiles anonymously…but even then I’m still left scratching my head as to why this costs so much? If you ask me, if they want people signing up for their services than they need lower rates pronto!

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Similar Apps

Other popular dating apps include Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid. These are all great alternatives to Willow App if you’re looking for a different online dating experience.

  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish

Best for

  • Best for people looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for singles who want to meet new people in their area.
  • Best for those seeking an easy and convenient way to connect with potential partners online.


1. Is Willow App worth it?

Willow App is definitely not worth it. It’s full of bots and fake profiles, so you’re unlikely to find anyone real on there. Plus the matching algorithm isn’t great either – most of my matches were completely off base!

2. How can I know that the profiles on Willow App are real?

I’m not sure if the profiles on Willow App are real. I’ve seen some suspicious activity, so it’s hard to tell. It doesn’t seem like there is any verification process in place, which makes me wary of trusting this app with my dating life.

3. How to register for Willow App?

Registering for Willow App is as easy as pie. All you have to do is download the app, enter your details and start swiping away! It’s really that simple – too simple if you ask me. I’m not a fan of this kind of online dating experience at all.

4. How to cancel subscription on Willow App?

To cancel your subscription on Willow App, you have to go through a tedious process of finding the right settings and clicking several buttons. It’s an unnecessarily complicated procedure that can be quite frustrating. I wouldn’t recommend using this app if you’re looking for a hassle-free dating experience.

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